RV TV Antenna | Winegard Rayzar z1 | Roof Mounted

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Designed with Winegard's latest cutting-edge antenna technology, the directional amplified roof mounted TV antenna offers a greater coverage area than traditional directional antennas resulting in maximum local broadcasting TV reception with less aiming and pointing. 

  • Easy to use and install, effortless rotation and no cranking required. Easily replaces existing antenna unit or head with minimal effort.
  • Optimal UHF reception with strong high-band VHF allows you to catch your favorite broadcast channels anywhere you go.
  • Full antenna unit includes: amplified antenna with base, interior handle, +12 VDC power supply, and 20' and 6' of 75 ohm coax cable with mounting hardware.
  • Antenna only includes amplified antenna and adapter, and is compatible with all Winegard Sensar booms. 
  • Limited 90 Day Warranty