RV Airflow Systems

RV Airflow Systems - Air Conditioner Air Flow Systems with Two Duct Inserts

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Air Conditioner Flow System w/ Two Duct Inserts - Only works with GE model ACs 

Improve the performance of your RV air conditioner! The RV Airflow is a patent-pending module that installs into the plenum, the space between the bottom of your air-conditioning, that captures 100 Percent of the air and directs it in an optimized way into your RV's existing duct work. The module is a non-electrical, non-mechanical device that removes air friction and turbulence, allowing your roof mounted air-conditioner to operate at is designed capacity.

  • Increases A/C Air Volume
  • Cools Your Unit Faster
  • Improves Efficiency, Leading To Energy And Cost Savings
  • Balances Air Flow Throughout The RV
  • Reduces Noise
  • No Supplier Warranty

Call 251-653-7700 for availability on non GE models.