Single Zone LCD Thermostat 12V Digital Display by Dometic (3316250.700)

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The Dometic Single Zone LCD RV Thermostat (3316250.700)
Dometic 3316250.700 Single Zone CT Thermostat (Cool/Furnace) - White
Using the advanced technology of the captive sensors instead of physical buttons, the comfort of your RV is literally at your fingertips with the CT Thermostat. Gentle taps on three input areas of control give you access to all the climate control features. Touch any input and the display lights up so you can see your temperature, mode, and set point.

The CT Thermostat is very easy to use and can be set for manual or automatic operation of your non-ducted or ducted rooftop air conditioning unit. The large custom LCD display is easy to read and the blue backlight makes it easy to see even in low light. With just three capacitive-touch graphic symbols, the thermostat is simple to understand and operate.
This thermostat can be used for cooling, heating, and furnace control. This thermostat CANNOT control a furnace without a Dometic A/C in the system. It DOES NOT have Bluetooth capabilities. Compatible with the following Dometic Air Condtioners: B59146, 641915, 641916, 651916, 641935, H551916 H541915 and H541916.