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Circuit Board Micro P-711 Dometic MICRO P-711

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Designed as a replacement for all of Dometic's existing "Black box boards". Our board has an improved thermocouple circuit to eliminate the "Recurring check light" problem. The board comes as a 2-way and can be used as a 3-way by adding the supplied fuse. It is fuse protected on the 12VDC, DC element circuit, and 120VAC circuit. A food saver feature keeps the refrigerator operating if the eyebrow board communications link fails. A knob on the circuit board allows you to fine-tune the temperature of units equipped with a temp selector, and allows you to choose from the full temperature range even with fixed temp refrigerators. Complete instructions installing this circuit board simple, all connections are clearly marked. The board works with or without the "ground problem" wiring kit. Works in the following models: NDR 1062, NDR 1272, NDR 1282, NDR 1492, RM 2551, RM 2554, RM 2607, RM 2611, RM 2612, RM 2620, RM 2652, RM 2807, RM 2811, RM 2812, RM 2820, RM 2825, RM 3607, RM 3662, RM 3663, RM 3807, RM 3862, RM 3863, RM 4872, RM 4873, RM 7030, RM 7130, RM 7732, RM 7832, S 1521, S 1531, S 1621, S 1631, S 1821, S 1831, and there may be more.

*Our Micro P-711 will work to replace any Dometic® Black Box Board
number that begins with "293"
*Built in surge protection. Protects from installation errors and the RV Power supply.
*Fuse protected on the circuit, supply and the DC element.
*Improved thermocouple circuit to eliminate recurring check light problem.
*Food saver feature keeps the refrigerator operating if the eyebrow board or communication link fails.
*Built in control allows temperature adjustment in the "Dumb Eyebrow" fixed temperature Americana and
      Freedom series refrigerators.
*The temperature control also allows for aging and production variations in those units
       have the -1-2-3-4-5- "Smart Eyebrow" temperature control on the operator panel.
*Built in for highly reliable operation
*Universal 2-way or 3-way (AC / DC / Gas) operation
*Install optional fuse (provided) for 3-way operation
*Includes an easy to remove protective cover
*Instruction sheet
*Three year warranty

*Warning: The Micro P-711 CANNOT replace any Black Box Board part number that starts with "385"! You must identify
part number of the physical board that is actually in your refrigerator now! Failure to do so can result in getting the wrong
! Please look on the black cover or under the black cover for a part number that begins with "385 or "293"

If replacing a 3850415-xxx please use a Dinosaur's part 3850415.01
If replacing a 3850712-xxx please use a Dinosaur's part 3850712.01